Tonight is the first night of SPRING BREAK DATE NIGHTS!

This week is Joe's Spring Break and I scheduled myself only day shifts, so we can spend each night together. I've been working real hard lately and it makes me completely exhausted. Plus Joe is obsessed with Call of Duty: Black Ops which consumes most of his free time. Now that he will be out of school for a whole week, we vowed to spend more quality time with each other.

Tonight was great! We got together with my family (minus the family in Disneyland) for dinner at Paradise Bakery, then we headed off to IKEA where we spent WAY too much money!

As you saw on day #19 we now own a gigantic TV. Our current entertainment unit was way to big and bulky so we needed an upgrade. Not only did we purchase a new stand for the TV, but we also purchased some DVD racks. (Which after assembling 2 racks, we've realized we need 2 more! eek!)

#73 - the very strange "picture" book filled with instructions on assembling the DVD racks. Thank you IKEA!!

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