I bite my nails. Not gonna lie. I'm almost 29 years old and I've been a nail biter since before I can remember. Quitting is just not an option for me - tried everything!!!

Anyway, unfortunately will being a habitual nail biter AND a hair stylist, my nails NEVER look nice. Chipped, sore, inflamed, cracked cuticles, stained with color...all of the above! And also since my hands are in water about 75% of my work day, there isn't a nail polish, enamel or acrylic that won't be affected. Because of that, I rarely do anything with my nails. It just isn't worth the money...

UNTIL NOW!! haha, I found this new product (thanks Maddie) that 'sticks' to your nail. They are literally nail stickers! They are nothing like the cheesy 'decal' stickers you stick on top of your polish - they're even stronger! The brand is Sally Hansen and they are called "Salon Effects." You'll find them by the nail polish at your local drugstore. I got mine at Wal-Mart. There are many different kinds, patterns, colors, textures...

They're just so much fun! I've had 2 different kinds on just this week and its only Wednesday!! Well, I put a blue sparkle on, on Sunday to try it out because I didn't know how good it would look or if I was talented enough to apply them correctly. But after once try, I was hooked! 3 days later I went in search of a cute pattern. I'm not sure how 'long' they'll last with working & immersing them in water for so long...but we'll see. I'll keep you posted...

#75 - My super cute nails!!

Please don't mind my 'nubbins.' I know they are small, but now they are cutely decorated!!!

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