Well I just woke up from an hour nap... a little random, but wonderful. (Didn't get much sleep last night and I've been exhausted ALL day.)

I didn't do anything exciting today...just a slow Wednesday at work, came home to clean up after my sick puppy, then started to watch American Idol and..... feel asleep. Ha! Apparently tonights Elton John themed evening wasn't too exciting. I'm now WIDE awake from my nap and recapping the Idol show...yeah, not too exciting after all.

Since nothing too exciting happened today, I decided to head outside and take a few snap shots in our yard. We have an older shed in our backyard that I wanted to make my muse for the evening. I started snapping photos left and right - all different angles, colors & lighting. There were quite a few shots I liked best, but I picked the most commercial for my #89. I think I want to print this out and frame in my family room. The colors and exposure would fit right in. What do you think of the photo?

#89 - "Love at Home" (For some reason that sign is hanging on the shed...silly, but special all at the same time.)

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