Okay I have multiple pictures for #88. Good news...and sad news.
Which one do you want first?
Well, we'll go with the GOOD NEWS!

Our room mates, Andee & Kelly finally upgraded to a family wagon!! After 10 months of crammed seating in my sisters small Ford Escort, (the twins car seats don't fit well, so the 2 front seats have to be pulled up ALL the way) they finally decided to look for something much bigger. **They just sold Kelly's 2-seater truck yesterday. Now they have an "Crossover" (I guess thats a smaller SUV) that fits the car seats perfectly and the driver/passenger area has much more leg room!! Good for Kelly's longer legs AND their safety. It would have been awful if their airbags went off in that Escort... sad news!

Anyway, so my first #88 is the new member of the Blackstrom household! A PONTIAC TORRENT Congrats Roomies!!!

(Sorry picture was taken at night and I didn't have enough light to get the whole car.)

Okay, now for the SAD NEWS. It breaks my heart as a 'mother,' but I just have to post pictures. My dogs, Lucas & Simon, were left out in the dog run today, like most warmer days, but when Joe got home from work he came upon a very shaken & traumatized Lucas.

In their dog house, they both have a 'doggie bed' and blanket. Well a few weeks ago, I noticed one of my dogs had been chewing on one of the blankets, creating a small whole. Its an old crappy blanket, so I didn't care...let him chew it. I guess Lucas, in his rowdy playing, got his head stuck through the hole. So when Joe got home, he found Lucas out of the dog house, under a bush barely breathing. Joe says he was wet, heart was pounding, shaking and trying hard to breathe/whimper. Joe couldn't get the blanket off because Lucas started panicking as soon as Joe opened the gate. He just picked him up, wrapped in the blanket and came inside to cut it off.

OMG I would have died!!! I would have been crying and panicking myself. Plus, what if the worst had happened....what if he had choked to death??? I can't even think about it without my heart hurting.... My poor puppy was literally suffering and who knows for how long?? Both Joe and I worked all day and our room mates were car shopping all afternoon. So if he was in the backyard yelping in pain, no one would have heard his cries! SAD HUH???? My poor baby.

So here are my sad photos today. Lucas now has this welt all the way around his neck. It only broke through the skin a little...but I'm more than sure he'll make a full recovery. Me on the other hand...I'm scarred. What am I going to do now, just not put blankets back there? How will they stay warm on colder days???

Second #88's - His 'sore' and then the blanket...stupid, stupid blanket. (It's now in the trash!)

Oh, and don't mind creeper Joe peeking through the whole!

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  1. Poor Lucas! I'm glad that he is going to be OK. I here ya on the potential "dangers" that are lurking in the yard/garage... things you leave for the good reasons - you just never know what a dog is going to do.