I took a few pictures of the twins again...shocker, I know. They are 9 months now and my parents wanted a new picture to hang up with their other 'grandkid' photos. We just did a quick photo shoot, because we were short on time. (We didn't plan well) I think we're going to try again on Tuesday to get a few more shots and I'll post more then. As I was snapping photos, I got a few 'silly' pictures of both the girls. They are just too cute to not post!!

#65's - Precious little AVIE & ELLA and the funny faces I capture. Look at those bottom teeth!! :)




  1. Man, Ella is a special baby isn't she?! I love these and can't wait to see more! But we will have to do more Tuesday! It's fun!

  2. P.S. KJ thinks Ella looks like a pirate!

  3. They are so cute!! I love Ella's crooked grin and you can just see the "Joy" in Avie's expression!