Wow its been a crazy couple of days. It can be sooo exhausting!! Today was my 6th day of work this week - technically I wasn't 'working' because I was participating in a "Continuing Education" class, but it still took up 7 hours of my day off. :( Bummer

I came home to a cluttered house. I'm starting to feel the claustrophobia of the chaotic remodel. There is just 'crap' everywhere. I now have a washer and dryer literally sitting right smack in the middle of a room. We now must to maneuver around it just to walk from room to room. Why Joe decided to put it there is beyond me - its incredibly inconvenient. BUT the plumber comes Tuesday and it'll be back in the laundry room and hooked up...just in time for me to start laundry for the week. Yay...  

However tonight ended really nicely. I went to dinner with my family and stayed to visit with my parents for a few hours. Joe decided to stay home. Once I came home, I headed straight into bed to look at my NCAA bracket and read some 'smack talking' emails. My bracket is toast. I still have 3 of my top 4 in, but so many people have scored more points with their brackets, even if my overall pick (Ohio State) pulls through, I'm not winning any bragging rights. I'm at the bottom of the list. :(  Stupid Pittsburgh and Utah State!!!

Anyway, as I sat in bed all cuddled up with my bracket, day planner, cell phone and laptop, I realized after about an hour that I was completely alone. All alone. Joe was watching TV in the other room and both my dogs were with him. I was kind of sad. Reading all these funny emails, planning for the week AND facebook stalking...all by myself. So I decided to whistle, just slightly, and within seconds my Lucas was right at my side. He cuddled up next to me, shared my popcorn and kept me warm. Thanks buddy. Even though Joe was doing something else and I was in my "world," I still had a little companion making me smile.

#79 - My Lucas. (Sorry..cell phone pic.)  I love my pup!


  1. That's a pretty cute Lucas face. Hasn't he already made a blog appearance tho? Come on...I don't even have a face shot yet. I guess I have to cuddle up to you, keep you warm and share your popcorn?