We got to babysit my nieces tonight. Andee & Kelly took a night off to enjoy dinner with friends and we got to cuddle, wrestle around and round up the little ones! We laid out a blanket full of toys and had a few Disney movies on in the background. I'm not gonna lie - having 2 babies around is quite tough. I'm glad Joe was here, because if I was chasing after one, the other one would get loose. Now that they are crawling...you just can't get them to stay put! Joe and I had to 'man' a baby! Haha. We had a good time though and the girls loved the opening of The Princess and the Frog. Avie was dancing to all the jazz music! Of course Andee & Kel got home before the movie was over...but Joe and I watched it to the end. LOVE that show!! When Ray dies...I cry every time! Aw schucks!

Thanks for letting us play with the girls - it was fun!

#80 - Joe and the girls. All comfortable & cuddled up watching The Princess and the Frog!


  1. Joe should have been sucking his thumb! Thanks again!!!

  2. What a cute pic! The girls look so happy cuddled up with Uncle Joe! Another thing we have in common - I cry too, and when Mufasa dies, and Bambi's parets, and in Mulan when her dad is talking to her about the flowers blooming in their own time, and the list goes on and on!