Its surprising how just hearing a great song or group of songs can change your mood DRASTICALLY!

Today was an awful day. Nothing seemed to go right. This morning before work I was irritable and at work I was busy from 1pm all the way to 9:45pm when I left. Go, go, go. No time for lunch, no time to sit and no time to clean. And with my OCD that's the worst!!! If I don't have time to clean, I'm a whole can of aggravation! Plus I had some difficult clients today that made my day suck, pretty hardcore.

However, in my rage of discontent driving home this evening, I noticed halfway home my mood had started to change. I caught myself singing along to a song and bobbing my head.to another. I'm lucky enough to have a subscription to XM (satellite) radio [thank you Joe] and my favorite station is #8 because its all 80's. 80's music All day, every day. And of course I heard a couple of songs on my way home that made me smile and feel happy!

So here are my pictures for today - #69's - 2 great songs from the 80's that made my night SO MUCH better than my day!

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