The kitchen project is well underway and I have to say I'm completely impressed with all the progress. What I thought would take months, has only taken 3 Saturdays.  (I should knock on wood, because there is still so much more to come.)

Joe and my step-dad Kelly have been working LONG Saturdays and this week, they'll add a Sunday shift. I am proud of the work they've done and the motivation they still have to keep working hard.

I said today on facebook, I literally don't recognize my kitchen/laundry room anymore. They've been knocking out bits of my hallway to make more room for storage closets, plus they have removed a few "drop ceilings" that apparently weren't necessary.

Its going to look great and seeing all thats been done, gets me excited for all the convenience it will bring!

#85 - Here is a lone light switch, just swing and hanging, waiting for its mount. This just proves how "under construction" we are. (Well that and EVERYTHING is covered in dust!!)

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