I love being a part of surprises! Normally I stink at keeping secrets, but when I know how awesome the surprise is, I work really hard to keep quiet. Tonight we got to participate in a surprise party for my friend/client. She actually came in to the salon this afternoon for a quick color update and I had to keep my mouth shut the ENTIRE time! It was really hard. Especially when she started asking me about my plans for the evening!!! I had fun playing with her and diverting the conversation...it was like a game. Loved it!! Plus she didn't suspect anything --- I'm so good!

Misti's birthday is actually tomorrow but her husband and mother put together a big surprise dinner for her tonight at La Puente. I was so happy they included me and Joe to come along and it was fun meeting her entire family and her friends!

Thank you Misti for becoming such a great friend. I sure do love having you around. Our 'girl' chats are always a blast - oh and the hair is fun too!!. Happy 40th Birthday!!

#77 - Our invitation to the great surprise!!

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