Our kitchen remodel has started. (See story & progress here) Joe started cleaning & clearing out the kitchen today so the process has begun! I am sad to see my small, 1970's kitchen be destroyed. But I'm pumped for the upgrade!!!

As we're cleaning and preparing for demolition, I took a moment to capture our lovely wallpaper. As I sat there looking at it, I thought of sweet Nelda Jensen, the previous homeowner. Her husband built this secondary kitchen to help her cook for large parties and gatherings, so she wouldn't have to walk up and down the stairs so often. Our kitchen was put together with any piece of wood they could find. One of our counter tops was literally a door lying on its side! ;) It was built with lots of love and care. I'm sad we're getting rid of all those pieces of the Jensen history...but it really does need to be upgraded!

I'm excited to see what's to come.

#64 - Our completely out-of-date wall decor!

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