Happy Valentine's Day to all my followers & stalkers!!

I'm not big on this holiday and thankfully Joe isn't either. So instead of posting pictures of us together, the presents we didn't buy or moments that show our deep love for each other, I thought I'd post a picture of my daily reminder of the beautiful commitment we made to each other.

My wedding ring and my commitment band.

Silly to have 2? Not in my case. I absolutely LOVE my wedding ring. The fact that Joe himself picked it out and in a conspiracy with my father, they upgraded the diamond together. This ring means a lot to me and because of that, I was in need of a stand in. My commitment band.

With being a hairstylist, my hands are constantly soaking in water, covered in everything from mousse, hairspray, gels, glues, color, wax, perm solutions, chemicals, what-have-you and I didn't want my ring to suffer. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to clean gel remnants out of each little crevice. Its a pain, the ring never looks shiny and I hate thinking I might be ruining it. A year ago, after wearing a random ring on my hand each day, I decided to have a ring made that symbolizes why I wear a ring in the first place. I found a website online and my dream was created. Instead of wearing any ring on that finger (which I've done for so long) on my birthday in 2010, I started wearing my commitment band. Its just a white gold band, with JOSEPH engraved on the outside and our favorite Disney love song "So This Is Love," from Cinderella, engraved on the inside.

Depending on when I'm at work or out on date-night, will decide which ring I wear. But each ring is significant to me and the amazing marriage I'm proud to be apart of. Everyone knows how much I love Joe. Now I have a ring just as special as the one he gave me 6 years ago. Its one with his name, literally, all over it! And any stranger I meet will see that I am taken and committed! (Whether its sparkling or not!)

#45 - My daily reminders of the everlasting commitment I made, to one special guy!
Happy Valentine's Day Joseph!!!

(See how battered up the band is? Its a good thing I don't wear my wedding ring all the time.)

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