Forgive the LARGE  / UP-CLOSE picture of myself, but I didn't know another way to really showcase the reason behind the photo.

I 're-pierced' my nose. And....it.... HURT! I think worse than the first time.

A little over 2 months ago, I decided I didn't want it anymore -most people didn't notice it anyway. And once I got rid of it, again, no one noticed until I mentioned it.

There were a few people in my inner circle that were totally against me getting it pierced from the get go...even when I was a teenager and wanted it badly. They just shook their heads when I finally got it at age 26. Once I took it out, they didn't even notice a difference. Even the friends that were so pumped for me to get it in the first place, didn't pay attention. Oh well, the piercing was for ME not anyone else, right?

Well I took it out back in December..for what I thought would be forever...guess not. After going through some photos yesterday, I realized that my BIG SCHNOZZ actually looks better with the piercing. So I jumped up to look for a nose stud...meaning not sharp...and re-poked the hole. OUCHIE! After sleeping on it and bumping it many times today, I'm starting to rethink this idea. Its so sore!! Let's see if I can make it a few more days.

#43 - My new/old nose piercing!

Dang - my nose is big!!! The decoration helps minimize right?? Or does it draw attention??

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