I had an appointment with my therapist today. I've been seeing my therapist for 10 years now and I look forward to every session. As I waited in her "waiting area", I looked at all her Valentine Decorations. Judy's "office" is actually a 2 bedroom apartment. It is fully furnished with a bed, couch, dining table & chairs. Looks like someone could live there, even though no one does. The kitchen is full of pots & pans, stocked fridge and pantry..I'm guess she's cooks lunches and dinners there when she stays late. The waiting area is what would be a living room and the "session" room is in the 2nd bedroom which just has two comfy, rocking chairs and decorations in it. Its a very casual setting - nothing like the therapy sessions I've seen on TV or in movies. No chaise lounges, no desk, library of books or modern decor. Is "homey."

Her decorating style is somewhat similar to how a Grandma would decorate. (Must be the generation.) But there are antiques, 80's style furniture, year old candy laying about in cute dishes and knick-knacks GALORE! Plus she is always changing things around for the major holidays. Its quite amusing.

Today as I was waiting, I did some looking around and noticed her buffet table had these cute, red-jeweled hearts laying about. I decided to form them into a bigger heart & snapped a photo. All her knick-knacks make for great photography. She has OCD pretty bad - everything is neat, tidy and in 'its' place. I love it! (Oh and I made sure to mess up the heart after I was done. Wouldn't want her OCD to flare up!)

#40 - Symbolism of the heart my therapist has healed. Time and time again.

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