Oooh!! I was super lucky to get this shot! I was driving [eek!] and holding my cell towards the drivers side window. I totally wasn't focused on the road...and was on the freeway going over 65mph!!!  I was a danger to all for that brief moment - but the picture HAD to be taken!

The sun and the shapes of the clouds were so PERFECT! It looked like a meteor was landing and starting to explode. Joe says it looks like the beginning scene of a good sci-fi flick. Haha, only my husband!

My stellar #56 - a dip into Sci-Fi.
(It was awesome to watch the clouds and light change the further North I drove. - so glad I had my cell camera ready to go. It was like that for only a moment!!)


  1. I just have to say this! AND YOU USED TO MAKE FUN OF ME FOR TAKING SCENERY PICTURES! as if! just kidding I couldn't be more proud! Love ya