WOW! Today is an iconic day for me. Today marks my 100th picture. I never thought I would make it this far and I'm so proud! I've been scattering my brain all day trying to decide what to take a picture of. 100 is a big deal. I know it isn't half way yet, but the first hundred has been tackled and that says something.

After 'thinking about it too hard' I decided to give up. Even after several suggestions from my family, nothing just sounded right. I left my parents house to run a quick errand and as I drove west, I noticed there was a beautiful sunset happening at that very moment. I drove straight to the first 'lookout' spot I could think of and barely made it before it was all gone. But I was able to capture the beauty of the nights clear sky. I really love Utah. It really is a beautiful place and I'm very grateful to be healthy and happy enough to enjoy it all.

MY #100!!! - The gorgeous Utah sunset. Here's to the next 265!! :)

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