Today is 111!! (Make a wish!)

So....I've seriously been spoiled this week and I couldn't feel more happy or blessed. There are many wonderful, caring & supportive people around me and I think I've taken advantage of that. Even a day after my birthday, I'm still receiving recognition AND my sister Kalie sent my flowers at work today. Most people don't know this, but April 30th is Hairstylist Appreciation Day. (I actually didn't know about it until becoming a hairstylist...and MANY hairstylists don't even know it exists. Looking at the so called 'history' of the day, it actually used to be Hairstyle Appreciation Day, but how can you appreciate a hairstyle without appreciating the stylist that created it for you?) Anyway, my sisters celebrate it and always do something nice for me. They've sent me flowers before and cute cards, but since its a holiday most people don't know about or celebrate, its not like it breaks my heart when my clients don't take note. However, my sisters are the greatest and DO try to show their appreciation for me, as their stylist and the MANY looks I've created for them.

I will be in Las Vegas next weekend on the actual 30th, so my sister Kalie thought she'd throw me off of surprise-suspicion and sent me flowers at work today. Here is my lucky #111 - Gorgeous spring flowers from one of my FAVORITE clients. Thank you Kalie, for taking the time to appreciate me and my talent...the one thing I'm EXTREMELY proud of!! I LOVE YOU!!

Seriously, am I spoiled or what???

(cell phone pic)

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  1. We need to close the post office so that more people would recognize it! You have an amazing talent and skill that the world is fortunate enough to take advantage of! Thank you for making hundreds of people feel good about themselves because they've sat in your chair! I love you.