"Harry Potter - Deathly Hollows Part One" came out today. I have seen all the movies except this one. I read a few of the books, but stopped in the middle of five. Even after seeing the 5th & 6th movie, I still have no idea what happens after the 4th one. I guess maybe because I read the books before seeing the movies...but the 5th & 6th movies were SO CONFUSING! I've only seen them once, maybe I just need to see them again...I don't know. But thats why I didn't even see the [first] 7th movie. How can I go see this movie when I'm completely perplexed by the story line?

Well my sister Andee asked me to pick up a copy while at work today and of course walking over to the large, cardboard display, I noticed something. They had ALL the previous 6 movies on BluRay for $10 each! $10!!! A BluRay copy! And they also had the newest installment for $22.96. I called up Joe AND Andee to see if they were interested in getting the collection (sans the [second] 7th movie that isn't out yet).  I have to admit I was thinking of purchasing a collectors set once ALL the movies are out on DVD. However, this deal sounded great. I ended up buying all 7 DVD's on BluRay for me AND for Andee. Wow, that was a purchase!! Now that I own them, I can get caught up and watch/pause, if need be, to finally UNDERSTAND what the heck is going on at Hogwarts.

#105 - Marathon anyone??

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  1. Do you even have to ask? You know that I am ALWAYS down for a Harry Potter Marathon! I think they get better each time. The first few are good because they are still so small. But I've loved the last 2. They are little more dark but good entertainment! Plus, I LOVE RON WEASLEY!!