Tonight was MY birthday celebration with my Dad, Nancy & family. My parents treated the family to some yummy Olive Garden dinner and then we headed back to the house for cake, ice cream & presents. Of course I'm turning 29 on Wednesday April 20th and I feel I'm a tad too old for cake, presents, singing and all the celebration stuff. But my family loves to celebrate each other, so I get the celebration stuff whether I like it or not. Tonight turned out just wonderfully! It was good to see all the family of course, plus all the inside jokes we have make for good conversation!

I wanted my photo tonight to be of my yummy birthday cake. However after I snapped the cake photos, we opened my presents and I found out that one of my presents needs to be my photo for the day. Surprise, surprise, I'm going to post mulitple pictures for today. (Wow...I thought this would be a 365-CHALLENGE, but I seem to have many options each day and it really isn't that hard at all...Blogging and posting seems to be the hardest.)

Thank you to ALL my family for coming out late on a Sunday night (School/Work night) and celebrating my 29th year. I love all my gifts and appreciate the thoughtfullness. I'm extremely lucky to have each of you in my life! xoxo

So my #107's - My cake, candles and pictures of my very special present.

And a little back story for the next 2 pictures. As some of you read on Facebook, I changed my mind on the 'red' color I'm painting in my new kitchen. When Joe and I went to Lowe's to purchase the paint, we changed our minds on our color choice as we were driving. Once we got there and I handed the associate the swatch, I immediately felt nauseous. Was it the wrong decision?? I ran over to the paint-swatches and grabbed my original choice, but by the time I made it back to the associate, he had already mixed up the paint. UGH! Why did I change my mind?? After paying for the can of paint, I knew it was the wrong decision. But what could I do? It was already mixed and we couldn't return it. My kitchen is already over-budget, I couldn't justify wasting a $35 paint gallon and purchasing a new one. So...I brought my 'wrong' paint color home and just hoped for the best. Painting hasn't started yet and yesterday I vented out my kitchen frustrations to my sister Jessica and she thought the best birthday gift to me, would be my original paint color! Now I have the 'right' paint and I didn't spend anymore money!!!! (Of course I do still have a $35 paint gallon that will go to waste. Anyone need red paint??) Thank you Jessica (and Cory!) It was VERY thoughtful of you and I loved the poem that went with it. LOVE YOU!!

The poem reads:

My dearest Erica Black
You almost have your kitchen back.
I know it's been quite the job.
I know it makes you want to sob.
But here's a can of paint.
I hope that you don't faint.
I hope that now the colors right.
I know it will make your face so bright.
Happy birthday sister dear.
Let's hope this solves your biggest fear.


  1. Very sweet! Glad that you had a good day today :)

  2. That is so sweet! What a cute idea! Good job Jess!