I'm now on the bandwagon!

Remember my #106 post about the pheasant cape? Haha, good times!! Well my stylist Brianna actually ordered a bunch of 'fashion' feathers, as opposed to the pheasant feathers, and they arrived in the mail yesterday! She brought them in to work so we could 'play' with them. **For those who don't now, they are real feathers that have been dyed 'fashion' colors - meaning not natural colors (i.e. vibrant colors like pink, turquoise, purple etc.) They are inserted in the hair by way of a 'bead.' Which means they are beaded to my actual hair like a normal extension and they are [in] until I want them out. Since they are real, you can dye them another color, wash them, blowdry, flat iron, even curl them. OMGosh, I'm in love. My stylist gave me the website and information about how to order the first 'kit' and then how to order more feathers. (They do sale some feathers that are more natural looking, for a more subtle look.) I'm thinking of doing them now too!! Brianna is currently charging $6 for each feather. My sisters are already bugging me to get some for them...I think I'll make them wait until I order my kit. ;)

Anyway, so around SLC these are ALL the rage and I'm participating in this fad. Let me know if you're interested and I'll either give you Brianna's number or the date when I'll have some of my own to give ya! What do you think??  #112 - Fashion Forward Erica

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  1. I love them 7 want to do some or one in my hair! :)