#132 & #133

Okay, Blogger was in 'read-only' mode yesterday. Basically meaning you could read ANY public blog, you just can't login to read private blogs OR POST A BLOG for that matter. ER! I was upset. So sure enough, yet another road block in my posting consistency. I really irritates me when I can't post everyday - who would have thought THAT part was going to be the hard part?

Here it is my 133rd day and I have post both my #132nd & #133rd photos.

I went tanning for a 2nd time on Wednesday - I actually used the bed correctly AND I went in for a total of 8 minutes. Well...I got a lot of color this time around...especially my backside. My upper and lower back at pretty red, but what hurts the most is my legs!! I got pretty red behind me knees and with all the knee bending one does in a typical day, makes for some severe discomfort!!

#132 - Say hello to my little friend. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Works like a charm!! However Joe loves to spray it directly on me...its so cold...jerk!

And for today my #133 ON day 133.  My prize for the Best Smack Talk Award during March Madness.  My mom's side of the family has a March Madness tournament, hosted by my uncle Randy. I have never been into March Madness before, but I was involved in their NFL Playoff fun, so we decided to join in on the NCAA fun. Most of the action literally comes from the emails. My uncle would send out an email everyday there was a game and let us know the standings. He was really good at poking fun of the losers or jinxing the winners of the day; his wit is one to admire. Then he would open up the discussion, hinting for some more smack talk from the rest of the group. Well apparently my zingers were the best of the best because when all was said and done ( and UConn took the victory ) apparently in our little tournament I took the 'coveted' Best Smack Talk award!

It was finally delivered to me today. My schedule never matches up with my uncles, so it took awhile to actually acquire the gift. Plus who knows how long it will take Joe and I to actually use the gift cards. Haha - But thanks Randy!!!

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