Upon Joe's recommendation, I purchased a Mighty Wallet. Joe ordered one for himself and a friend late last year after seeing it on a commercial, however once it arrived in the mail, Joe put the package in a drawer and there it has stayed. About a month ago I was complaining about losing money out of my back pocket while at work and Joe mentioned getting a wallet. We all know how bulky wallets can be. I didn't want something heavy and huge weighing on me everyday, so I found myself a 'business card' holder to use instead. (I mainly just need this for work because I have a big fold out wallet that goes in my purse but its too large for my pocket. I usually just stuff tips in my back pocket and they'll get waded up, crinkled and apparently fall out of my pocket when I sit down.) After many Saturdays and many appreciated tips, I found that this credit card holder wasn't enough.

Early this week, after whining to Joe about losing some tip money last Saturday, he advised me to find something different. Then that brought up the Mighty Wallet purchase he made months ago and the rest is history. I got online and found the one that best suited me and IT ARRIVED!

#141's - CHEERS to a new wallet that totally fits my needs AND my personality!  Its already proved to be quite useful. Great idea Joe! (And Merry Christmas Chris! After our discovery of the forgotten purchase, Joe was finally able to pass on his friends Christmas gift today.)  :)

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