Joe's birthday is on Monday. While I was at work tonight, he had a 'guys night out' (including my sister Andee BTW) and they all went to see Thor in IMAX-3D. He's been waiting to see this movie for quite sometime - he has openly admitted to having a 'man crush' on Chris Hemsworth...he's always super jealous of muscular men. ;) Haha!!

Anyway technically tonight wasn't a birthday celebration, but going to see that movie was one of the things he wanted to do over his birthday. Now tomorrow, Sunday, we'll be celebrating with my mom with breakfast in the morning then we have a birthday dinner planned with my dad & family. SO...I decided he should get one of his birthday presents early and wear it to all the festivities tomorrow.

Old school #134. Happy Birthday (on Monday) Joe - I luv u!

I don't know if any of you have seen "Adventures in Babysitting" but I think of that movie every time I see or hear of Thor. I was not a comic book fanatic, so I didn't even know who Thor was. But then I saw that movie and saw how obsessed the little girl was. Haha, good 80's classic...oh and I love how she colors those pictures of Thor with the zit cover up she stole from her teenage brother. Good times, good times. Now I wanna watch that movie! :)

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