We celebrated my twin nieces 1st birthday this evening. I'm in serious disbelief that a year has already flown by. My day started early - 7:30am!! I was in charge of the 2 big cupcakes for the twins to indulge in. I only have 1 set of the cupcake pan, so I had to have one cooked AND cooled before I could start the next one. Hence the getting up early. Plus a large amount of people who haven't seen our newly renovated kitchen would be coming over and I knew a tour would be in order. So Joe and I did the FINAL touches on the kitchen as well as tidying up the rest of the place so it was 'show-able.' Basically there was LOADS to do before guests arrived at 2pm.

We had a yummy spread of food, great visiting, presents everywhere and then CUPCAKES!!!  First off, the girls were spoiled. And I mean SPOILED! They received a sand box (with sand & toys), a teeter-toter that also turns into a picnic table, a plastic PINK pool (with water toys), 2 PINK bucket swings, learning toys, stacking toys, a doll house, Legos, clothes...clothes...clothes. Oh and diapers & wipes from yours truly!! Seriously SPOILED MUCH? They just have so many loved ones out there, I guess its hard not to get spoiled.

After we all ate and watched Andee & Kelly open gifts (the girls cared more for the paper and sucking on the cards than they did for the actual toys.) we then went on to CAKE! I decorated the 2 cakes and let me say it was DIFFICULT! I had the necessary frosting tools, piping bags, tips, food coloring, spinning table...everything! But it was too tedious for me. I grew impatient very quickly and gave up on the hard stuff. Of course I wanted them to look extra special, but frosting is clearly NOT my forte and the girls are just gonna mess them up anyway!! So after globbing the frosting on and smearing it around last minute, I was satisfied with my work. The GIRLS loved them! Ella was a bit more timid, but Avie dove right in. They were a complete mess. It was great fun to watch and snap photos. What a great memory!!

The party turned out to be a great success and was a great way to celebrate their first year of life. They are both growing SO BIG!! Ella has 2 bottom teeth and 4 on top. She is walking (taking 4 or 5 steps all by herself.) She loves to wave, give kisses and bump into everything. NO FEAR in that one! Ella has 2 bottom teeth and 1 coming in on top. Still a little wobbly with walking, but when guided she can go anywhere. However she is the fastest crawler I've ever seen! She's turned into a little ham in front of the camera and is all things girly! Ella is quite the princess! ;)

I'm so happy I've been so close to them this past year. They change so much and seeing it first hand has been a true blessing. I'm grateful for my room mates for letting me share in this joy in their life. I love babysitting, cuddling, helping at dinner time and even watching Yo Gabba Gabba. These girls are so precious - I'm a VERY proud Auntie!

Happy Birthday to my #149's. All mess and tons of fun!



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