I got to visit with Miss Avery Roos tonight!! Finally!! She is 2 weeks old now and I was only able to sneak in a quick visit last week...until now! I got 3 hole hours.

Our friends Dan and Elizabeth welcomed this cute little nugget into the world on May 10th. Their friends and family have been taking turns bringing over dinner to help out over the last few weeks and tonight was our night! I've been waiting for this night to come so I could visit with my best friend and get some snuggles in with her little one. And Joe needed some Dan time too...haha, like they don't get enough time together playing Call of Duty every night.

BOTH Joe and I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn bread and razzleberry pie! (We made enough so we could stay over and eat with Dan & Elizabeth) It turned out to be a great meal - minus the bad after taste on the corn bread - plus it was wonderful just visiting and shooting the bull with friends. I've missed my girl time. We laughed, made fun of each other, told stories...aw...it was a great night.

Little Miss Avery is quite the snuggler....well when she isn't unhappy....so I got a few good moments of cuddle time. She is SO tiny and has the cutest lips. I could just love on her all day long!!! Thank you Dan and Elizabeth for letting us bombard you this evening. Hope the food was good!!

#143 - Miss Avery Roos. The newest Roosy-Q. Isn't she a cutie-pa-tootie???

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