I was up early today; I was in charge of doing my sister Jessica's hair for her bridal pictures. Of course I had to go to work RIGHT after, so getting me showered & ready had to happen first. I was up at 5:30AM!! Props to those who get up that early on a regular basis. I HATE seeing that time of day! :(  But it was well worth it, because I made it to my dad's house by 7:00 to start getting the bride ready. (It got me all excited for the big day!!) Once the extensions were in and curled, we practiced a few styles, but ultimately she wanted to keep her hair down. Then it took about 30 minutes to get her dressed! Man those wedding dresses are tough.

About 10:00 we were off to Gardner Village for photos. It was a beautiful morning, with a just slight breeze. I was grateful most of the pictures were taken in shady areas...because it got hot...fast!! I actually walked away with a nice tan line on my neck & chest. Should have worn a wider neckline OR sunscreen!! Too bad I went tanning last night (see previous post). Now I'm REALLY burnt!! Its really okay though, because I'm LOVING the color on my face and my freckles are standing out more. LOVE IT!

Just like Jessica's engagement photos, the photographer was okay with me snapping shots in between his (as long as I wasn't in his way.) Her photographer is a great guy and we spent most of the 2 1/2 hours joking around...and hiding each others cameras! :) Haha.

I posted PLENTY of my photos on Facebook, so check them out. There were so many to choose from, it was hard picking just one. But this one was my favorite and I believe it captures the simplistic, natural beauty in my baby sister. It isn't hard to get a good photo of her. She's very photogenic, plus the camera loves her!!

#145 - Jessica, the breath-taking bride. Beautiful day, beautiful photos, beautiful bride!!  Love you Sweet - only 2 weeks and 5 days left!! ;)

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