My nieces were lots of fun today. We had a mini picnic outside for dinner as we waited for my parents to arrive. (We put in counter tops, sink & dishwasher this evening in my kitchen - yay!) Andee and Kelly had to run an errand so I was asked to watch the girls for a quick minute. Well...you know what that means! I ran downstairs to grab my camera and shot as many photos as I could!! Of course it was like 7:30 by this point, which is 30 minutes before bed time...and needless to say, they weren't very cooperative. I did manage to get a few...but I have over 20 shots of them with their thumbs in their mouth. That's pretty much how they are all the time. Especially when they are tired. At least they're still so darn cute, even with the constant thumb-sucking.

Here are my 2 #125's. My nieces and their form of "soothies." (They are wearing my first wave of the Vintage Rose Wraps. I bought these over a year ago I think, but they're still cute!)

Can you guess who's who??

(Avie on top & Ella on bottom)


  1. Just taking a guess in the dark as I have only seen these beauties via picture but I would say Ella is on the top with the pink rose and Avie is on the bottom with the cute green rose. How did I do?

  2. OK - yes, I see the answer now... don't I look silly?!? Paint my face red and call me a stop sign! LOL