Ooooh! I'm so excited! Tonight is the GOLDEN GLOBES! I'm a sucker for these awards shows. Golden Globes and Oscars are my favorite! GG's are usually a precursor to the Oscars and always fun to watch - especially because my favorite comedian, Ricky Gervais, is hosting!! :)

Most of my friends know that my family gets together every year, for the Oscars and we have our own little Oscar party. We print out ballots and choose our winners, then there is a prize [the coveted Golden "Oscar" statue] given to the one with the highest amount of correct answers. (By the way, I started this tradition about like 6 years ago...and I have yet to win.) Anyway, since I usually watch the Golden Globes just to help ensure my answers for the Oscars, I decided to print out GG ballots and give it a go!

Its gonna be a good time and we're excited Andee & Kelly (my sis & brother in law/roommates) are coming downstairs to share in the excitement with Joe & I. The Blacks & The Hellstroms (aka The Blackstroms) are ordering chinese take out, having a fire and watching the Globes!

#16 - Andee filling out her ballot.

Thanks for being my model Andee!!

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  1. What a fun idea to do with your family! The picture is awesome - looks like something you would see in a job brochure or something.