After yet ANOTHER busy day at work, Joe decided to treat me to a date night! We rarely take the time for them anymore...but we're realizing we won't always have the free time available and now is the time to take advantage. Joe desperately wanted to see the movie "The Mechanic," for his movie blog, but he couldn't get 'his crowd' to join him...and I was less enthused to see it. He sacrificed and took me to "The King's Speech" with Colin Firth instead. And it was AWESOME!

I'm not up-to-date on my England, pre-WWII history, so I'm not sure of the accuracy but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Colin Firth was amazing and Geoffery Rush was a DELIGHT! His character was actually my favorite and I really enjoyed the personality. I wish they had enveloped more of his characters story (they touched on it so briefly) but then again, the movie is based on King George VI, not his speech therapist.

Before the movie, Joe took me to the Santa Monica pizza & pasta company. We were originally going out for sushi, but smelt the Italian yumminess as soon as we exited the car. Our noses made up our minds! We haven't been to this strip mall in quite sometime and once seated at the pizza place, we found out we were participating in their "soft opening." They opened their doors for the first time...YESTERDAY! It was a little unorganized and chaotic, but the food was fantastic and our server made light of the situation.

Then, it was off to our movie - my #29

Then as an added bonus, after the movie was over Joe drove straight to Leatherby's! An old favorite of ours - excellent ice cream & sundae treats. We shared a bowl of 5 ice cream scoops (2 our choice, 3 their choice...we ended up with a semi-interesting combination!!)

It was a fantastic evening and I'm so glad we took time out for each other. Its been a rough week and we needed this night. Thank you Joe!!!! I love you. 

**And PS for any of his readers, stay tuned for his review of The King's Speech.

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  1. Sounds like a night of perfection!! I'm glad you guys were able to get out. You both deserve it! Love you both!