Today has been the best. day. ever. The holidays were hectic and filled with visiting family, games, unfortunately me getting sick put a damper on things, and I had to work a lot of the time. Well today, since New Year's is officially over and I didn't have to work today, Joe and I did exactly what we've wanted to do for weeks. NOTHING! Here it is 5pm and we're still in our pajamas!! Haven't showered, haven't left the house - NOTHING!

There was 1 thing we wanted to do today and that was watching the Green Bay - Chicago football game. Its close the playoffs so it was a huge rivalry game. I'm a Packer fan myself, so HATE to see them lose to the Bears. Lucky enough for me - the Green Bay Packers won!!! (and clenched their spot in the playoffs!!!) :)

Anyway, so here is my #2 photo from today. (I took it with my cell phone because I didn't want to get up to grab my camera and ruin the moment.)

This is us cuddling on the couch in our PJ's. Feet up, all relaxed and football on the tube. We literally didn't move from this spot until half-time. What a great day!

It may be a little early to say this, being January 2nd and all - but today was the best day of the year!!!

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