What a great day this afternoon turned out to be. The sun was out, was still cold, but there wasn't any wind or clouds in the sky. Nice! I was off work today and while I was out and about I thought of taking a picture of the sun cascading down on the snow...but its been a few day since it snowed, so its been walked on, peed on (by dogs), shoveled, scraped and its just not so pretty anymore. Oh well, there is always these really cool icicles at my house!!! I had to maneuver my self quite a bit to get this shot, but I love the sunset in the background. I thought it looked awesome. Dangerous...but awesome. Luckily these don't hang over a walk way... ;) Eek!

So here is picture #3 - the cool looking icicles coming off my roof.

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  1. Nice shot - very creative! I have to say, I absolutely love yesterdays shot with the feet... very cute and too funny!