I held a meeting in my salon tonight. Unfortunately I have to organized at least 1 a month. (Sometimes 2, depending on subject matter.) Anyway, I always make them as short and sweet as possible. I've been so lucky with my stylists; they never complain, even when they have to come in on their day off. But my favorite part of the meeting is the socializing. We're so busy during working hours and some of us hardly work together. Its just great to sit down and hear about each others personal lives, spouses, boyfriends, kids and families. We all get along so well, there is never awkward silence or hurt feelings. Just good ol' fashion girl talk!

Surprisingly [as a manager] THAT is what I love about our meetings. Not the lessons we're supposed to learn, the duties we need to step-up on or the projects we need to prepare for. The GIRL TALK!

So here is my #30 - my "Round Table." A moment where we're all equal and respectful to each others thoughts, ideas, opinions and personalities. Too bad we only get together as a whole, once a month. We need more time to visit...instead of work, work and more work.

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  1. I love it! I snuck back on to see if you had finished! Your stylist are lucky to have you!