Okay, in trying to get a cute picture of my dogs, who were sitting on my lap as I facebooked, I got caught up in the middle of a dog fight. Joe and I refer to this as "bite face." Its their way of "playing" together, yet getting out their frustration with each other at the same time. We've just learned to let them play and not bother them!! But I got a few great pictures of them in "action" and I just have to post all of them!

So enjoy my "collage" of 7 pictures for #11

All lovey-dovey before the action

This was the kiss that started it all!

They usually only play for seconds, but I had a good time trying to catch different shots and angles. My dogs aren't vicious by all means; even if you get caught in the action & get nipped it doesn't hurt. I just think its funny how aggressive they can be with each other. Oh boys!

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