Constant companions

I love my pups, Lucas & Simon! They are the perfect, lazy, cuddle bugs/personal heaters. I've been sick for the past few days and today as I lie in bed, drugged up and in my pajamas, they're just lying with me keeping me warm. If I'm in bed, they are too. When I get up to refill my juice, change laundry or whatever, Simon always gets up to follow me around like a little shadow. Lucas however is the most lazy. He'll stay in bed under the covers unless I whistle for him. But it so nice to crawl into a cozy bed because his body heat has it all warmed up for me! No more cold sheets! Plus they don't care if I'm coughing, haven't showered yet, covered in tissues or tossing the blankets on and off as my temperature changes. They just love me no matter what! Even sicky they put a smile on my face!

My Lucas (he was being camera shy)

And my ADD child, Simon (its so hard to get a picture of him awake,
because he is ALWAYS moving!!)

They are too cute. Love my boys!

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