I had THEE best evening! My good friend Chandra was in town and came over to see our house. After a short tour of  'the Blackstrom' household, we sat on my couch and visited for over 3 hours. (In fact it is almost 1am and we're still visiting!!!)  It was great to just 'girl talk.' Chandra's kids were in bed back at her mom's house and Joe was involved in video games, so we just had time to ourselves. We sat and relived memories, talked about old friends, old jobs and all the good times we've had. It seems like it was a lifetime ago. Chandra and I met in the fall of 2000 and instantly became good friends. We lived together in my first apartment from October 2001 to May 2002. So many things happened in those short 6 months. Late nights, fun outings, dating different guys and hanging with each others families. We were inseparable.

While we were walking down memory lane, I decided to pull out my 'box of memories' from that time. We spent an hour going through old cards, letters, pictures and trinkets. I can't believe that part of my life was 10 years ago! Chandra was my BEST friend and knew everything about me. Its awesome how, even though all this time has past, she still seems to know me better than anyone.

I miss you Dee!! I wish you lived closer so we could continue those great times. Man, we had fun, didn't we? Sun River, Chevron, our Polaroid cameras, the many trips to Enterprise, the photo booth at Kmart and ALL the notes we left for each other. l'm glad I kept my box of treasures AND the dates of every event! (Even buying Tim McGraw tickets at 7:52am and documenting it on the Macaroni Grill's tablecloth!) Thank you for staying my friend after all these years. For being there for me, even when I was being a stupid friend. I know people teased us about being 'too close,' but that short moment in time, was the best and I wouldn't have changed a thing despite all of the criticism. We were just kids...its crazy to see how much we've grown and how different we have become. I love you Dee and I know we'll be friends forever. THANK YOU for hanging out with me tonight!! Drive safe tomorrow. (Oh and thank you for bringing the sunglasses over. Its amazing you still have them!)

My box of treasures. #214 - 'Ri & Dee'  This shoebox is literally full of a great friendship and we spent over an hour laughing at ourselves and the silly things we thought were funny! Remember Chandra, keep America clean; recycle!

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