My stylist Jordan and I found a peculiar new wall decoration at work today. I almost had to do a double-take in wondering why this would be in my salon and how did it get there?

#243 - Say 'Hello' to my little friend...

I got a ladder and climbed up to take this photo and as soon as I snapped the picture, it turned its head in my direction. Just watching it turn to look at me, sent shivers down my spine and I jumped off the ladder!!Wish I could have gotten a better picture... Jordan was also freaked out by it, so neither of us were daring enough to grab it to either kill it, or run it outside. We went in search for one of my guy friends that works in Walmart to see if he was manly enough to take care of this insect, but instead I ran into my sister-in-law Amanda and her son Caleb. Caleb is 5 and I such a boy-boy, I knew he'd be excited to see a creepy bug, so I pulled them into the salon for a little show & tell. I told Amanda we were looking for a 'man' to rid us of this pest and shockingly, she offered to do it for us! I couldn't believe she was so tough...when I was cowering in the corner!!

Amanda climbed the ladder and with a tissue in hand, she reached out for the bug. Of course as soon as she got close, the bug took a big leap and flew into the air. (I didn't know a Praying Mantus could fly...guess we now know how it got into the salon in the first place!) It flew in circles for a bit and then landed on Amanda's shoulder!!!!!! I don't know how she kept her cool, standing on the highest step of the ladder, but she started to lower herself to catch her balance enough to grab the bug off her shoulder, but just then it flew away again. It landed on the ceiling and we just grabbed a broom and lowered it to the floor where Amanda just laid the tissue over it and picked it up off the broom to go flush it down the toilet.

OH MY GOSH what a woman Amanda is!! Once I saw it flying, I screamed and ran away! Ewwww so icky!! I just know if it had landed on my shoulder while I was standing on the ladder, I would have shook it off and fallen backwards and onto my butt!!! No way would I have kept my cool like Amanda did!

I'm so glad she was shopping today and I just happened to notice. Thank you Amanda for being our 'Knight in Shining Armour!' SO glad I didn't have to touch it!!!

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  1. So happy to help :) I'm pretty good with insects just not reptiles. Good thing it wasn't a snake! If nothing else it was a good laugh for the day.