Like I said yesterday our camping trip was canceled this weekend. I was kinda bummed, but realized since I was only going up for 1 night, it wasn't a total loss. However, we decided to all get together at my moms today for a 'camp' day like we would have had if we were up camping. The guys got up early and went fishing up at Silver Lake, the girls had a casual morning and then we all came together this afternoon for food, food and more food!!!! It was DELICIOUS!!!  Then this evening when my sister Kalie & her family arrived, we ate again!! We visited a bunch, just laughing and giggling. My nephew & nieces made a complete mess of the inside & backyard. Toys were everywhere!!  Then I put together a craft for anyone who wanted to participate. I bought a Tye-Dye kit. I brought a whole bunch of plain white t-shirts & 'wife beater' tank tops. (I figured these shirts would end up as camping shirts or pajama shirts, so I just got random sizes) Since there was already a mess everywhere, the tye-dye project just made it worse. But my mom was such a good host and let us trash her house and have a good time.

Once all the shirts & tanks were drying, we pulled out dessert. Some yummy 'cook over an open fire' treats that would have been perfect up in the mountains camping. Basically today was a great day at camp...only without the camping. Today was crazy hot & humid, so the sun made us tired and lazy, just like camping but luckily we had the escape of the air conditioning in the house!!!

Now here I sit on my mom's porch. The sun is down and the air is FINALLY cool. The fire is dying down, all the dessert has been ate & cleaned up and most everyone has left. I'm just reflecting on the day today and I'm super happy it all turned out so good. It was a casual, come and go kind of evening. No official plans, everyone did what they wanted and participated when they wanted. It really was awesome!! Thanks family!!!!

#226 - My suggested project! It was definitely a trial & error situation and now that I've done it once, I will do it better next time. Very messy and unpredictable!!  And now everyone (but my brother in law Jesse) has a souvenir from our 'camp' day!

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  1. How much fun! I am thinking that something like this would be a blast to do with the girls as they get a little older :)