Tonight was another movie night!! Joe got his crew together for 'Captain America.' I was actually able to attend this evening with the crew. I usually never get to go because of work...or they choose to see a movie I don't want to see. But yay I got to go tonight! And yay the movie was AWESOME!! I actually liked it better than the HP 7.2 yesterday. I wanna go see it again FOR SURE!

Thanks Joe for picking a great movie on a night I was free!! And thanks to Geoff, Cory, Jessica, Dad, Nancy, Jarron, Tyson & Dallin for sharing it with me too!! My favorite parts were sitting in between Geoff and Cory and all the little conversations we had like, 'Who is that guy? What movie was he in?' 'Is that shiny blue light the same in Iron Man?' 'Was that Hitler?' 'HUGO WEAVING!! Heck yes!' or 'Man, that is the best CGI I've ever seen.'  LOL I'm pretty sure Cory and Geoff will choose to sit far from me next time. I was just SO EXCITED!!


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