I came home at the right time tonight. Joe had his friend Mark over. They haven't seen in each other in quite a long time, so it was good for them to catch up. When I got home, they were hanging in our backyard around our fire pit, Joe playing his harmonica and Mark was playing guitar. It was like I walked into a blue grass, garage band, practice! It was hysterical. Also, I arrived just as the fire was dying down and it was perfect for marshmallows and S'mores!

My family knows that Joe makes a mean sandwich. I know sandwiches are easy to conquer, but I struggle. Joe however, is the master. Just enough mayo/mustard mix. A stack of lettuce with turkey (and cheese for those who prefer it...I don't.) Anyway, he just makes them good! They always turn out so refreshing. Well on to tonight, I found out that Joe now makes a KILLER roasted marshmallow!! Of course having the right fire is key (apparently) and his 'rotisserie' style was perfection!!! I definitely ate my fair share of 'mallows tonight. Gonna have a sugar hangover in the morning! But it was well worth it.

Here is #224 - The perfect fire for roastin' marshmallows!!! It was a great night, good conversations and amazing treats!!  I miss Mark. Why doesn't he come around more often?? He is HILARIOUS! Aw, I was glad I could be apart of this 'guy night!'

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