I found one!!! My cousin Johnnie had this real neat watch that I couldn't stop admiring while we were down south for our reunion last month. Its made with a 'slap bracelet' which were super popular when I was in grade school. Gosh EVERYONE had a slap bracelet!! I remember they even came with fabric around them and with all sorts of colors! It was in the '80's and early '90's, so they were always florescent/neon colors!! I actually can recall a time I had 4 different ones and I would wear them all at the same time, on the same arm! Haha, it was great!! That's why I was so fascinated with Johnnie's watch because it brought back such wonderful memories. Plus, it was a great way to modernize a classic.

Well Johnnie lives in Arizona and apparently the store she bought this awesomely cool watch doesn't have a location in Utah! I was going to ask my Aunt Amie to find me one and send it up to me...but I thought I'd look online a bit to see if I could just order one. Anyway, while shopping at Walmart with my buddy Elizabeth, I just happened to stumble across a display of SLAP BRACELET WATCHES! Low and behold you can buy them in Utah!! After about 5 minutes of looking at colors, opening boxes & trying them on...(Yeah Elizabeth makes her own rules at Walmart)...we both decided to purchase one. And of course we bought the same color...RED!

#227's - My slap bracelet watch!


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