I was super happy, yet super sad tonight. I know the people that don't watch the show, will think me pathetic, but I LOVE ME SOME SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!  Tonight was the finale where they announced the winner. Also, the 2hour special re-revealed all the wonderful and most popular dances of the season. They brought back the all-stars and voted off contestants, to perform MANY incredible dances once again. In fact I believe every single one of my favorites from the season were on tonights finale.  Sonya Tayeh is my favorite choreographer on the show and not only did she choreograph the opening number tonight, but 4 of her dances this season made it to the 'popular' dance list on the finale! So yay - I got to see them all again!!

I can't believe there are people who not only DON'T watch the show, but don't like it all together. I just can't fathom that mind set, because in this show, there is a little something for everyone. Real intense dances, slow romantic ones, hard hitting hip hop, fast hip-moving ballroom and my favorite contemporary!! Of course the judges aren't my fave...Mary Murphy drives me bananas, but nothing my DVR can't fast forward! LOL

But it is an incredible show and one of the things I love most about the summer. Thank you FOX for bringing this amazing show into our lives!! Okay, Haters, let's see the comments...

#223 - The top 2 on SYTYCD, Melanie and Sasha (I also had to post this link for those who don't watch the show. Its a good overview of the whole season. CLICK HERE plus it does have a few links/videos of the popular dances)

And Congratulations to Melanie, she was my favorite from the very beginning during the auditions. Both Joe and I loved watching all her dances and solos! GO MELANIE!!!

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  1. I don't regularly watch the show but I like it when I can catch an episode or 2 throughout the season - I guess it's a carry over from all of those years watching Amy dance. I do agree with you though - Mary Murphy is very annoying!