I finally saw Harry Potter 7.2!!  It was great to finally complete the story and the series. Although there were parts I didn't like, there were MANY that gave me goose bumps, made my heart jump and made me cry. It was a very intense story line, but dragged on in many areas. But overall I was completely satisfied.

It is kind of sad that the movies are over. However watching the last movie, sure makes me want to pick up the books. I read a few of the earlier ones, but didn't get past (or through) #5 The Order of the Phoenix.  I might have to borrow them from somebody, because I'm more than sure the books are better. Now I'll just need to find the time to read. LOL

My #215 - The end of an era. Thank you Harry Potter. (PS I was pumped I saw a "Breaking Dawn" preview!! Can I get a hells yeah?)

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