Tonight's pictures are kind of random. I was wanting to take pictures of 'textures.' Like making the picture look so 'life like' you could actually mistake it for a tangible world that you reach into it and touch. As if the picture was 3-dimensional or you could 'feel' the texture under your fingers from a recollected memory. Does that make sense?? I don't know how to explain very well. I'm practicing the pictures...I've seen some at art shows where the picture is so clear and so life like, its almost as if I could touch the object or feel the actual texture & sensation under your fingertips. I want to get good at that.

This actually going to be a 2 day photo challenge. Joe and I were brainstorming some interesting ideas about textures in real life & actually printed photos with no texture. So look for tomorrows photo - its going to fun playing around.

#235's - Day #1 in my texture photo challenge.

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