We have a little escape artist in our house. My sisters kitty, conveniently named Kittie, has been sneaking in and out of the house lately. We're not sure how she is getting out or when, but she finds a way. Kittie went missing the day my sister & her family left for the Snow reunion last week. They were about to leave town for a week and right as they loaded up the car, they noticed she wasn't in the house. What a way to start a vacation! Luckily, my mom was watching over the house while we were both out of town, so she said she would look out for Kittie and make sure she gets home. (The second day into their trip, my mom saw signs of Kittie in the house so Andee was reassured everything was fine.) Now here it is a week later and she went missing again. Andee & Kelly noticed she was gone yesterday morning, I believe, and by evening time Andee started getting worried. She has been spayed already, so Kittie being promiscuous was out of the question. But then Andee heard that cats usually find a hiding place (to either have their babies, which isn't her situation) or they go there to die. I don't know how true the statement is, but it had Andee in a frenzy. She tore her upstairs apart than headed downstairs to our place to start looking. We searched everywhere, but ended up calming Andee's fears and told her Kittie would turn up.

Oh my gosh, did she ever! Since Joe and I are in the basement, our windows are in window wells. I crave natural light whenever I can get it, so we keep our bedroom window blinds up all the time. This morning I got out of bed and headed to the shower as normal. Once I was finished getting ready, I came back into my room to grab my phone off my nightstand. I had a few emails to look through, so I sat down on my bed for a bit. For some reason, I looked up to my window and saw this. #213 - Two eyes, staring me down.

It scared me to death!!! But then I realized it was Kittie!!!!  Sorry the picture is awful! After I calmed down from the shock of seeing Kittie staring at me, I called Andee. Unfortunately she wasn't awake yet, so I hurried and took this picture and sent her an MMS. I felt so bad for Kittie, it was raining quite a bit at the time this picture was taken. Luckily there is this vine of leaves that surrounds the side of the dog-run that is above this window well and falls down. There was enough for her to crawl underneath and keep dry. She probably wasn't too warm though.  After I left the house this morning, I called Andee and she said Kelly went to grab her and as soon as she was out of the well, she RAN into the house. AWE! Kittie is now safe and sound. Warm, a fully belly and calm. YAY! Now, lets hope next week she doesn't escape again.

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