Last night/early this morning in Utah, there was a killer lightning/thunderstorm! It started at about 11:00 last night and went until after midnight - which technically means today, right? Ha! It was such a cool storm, I snapped as many pictures as I possibly could. Of course it was dark and getting a picture of a lightning bolt proved to be nearly impossible...especially without a tripod, so I went towards the water instead. Our gutter was clogged which made the water pour over the side of the house in buckets! Literally buckets!!!  I was shocked with how much water came down in just a short amount of time. I'm very happy it was after dark because I'm sure less people were on the roads. I bet it was nasty to drive around in.

I was able to get a few cool shots of the sheet of water coming down off our patio roof. It was fun to chill out there, snapping photos and cringing after every crack & boom of thunder. Awesome summer storm!

Very cool #241 - 'And the rain came down!'

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