We had quite the party at my parents house tonight. There are many birthdays in August (and the beginning of September) that we decided to throw a bash for ALL of the guests of honor. My stepmom Nancy's motto is always 'go big or go home' so we actually had 1 cake for each birthday honorees. So I took a picture of each person with their own cake. LOTS of yummy treats for all of us to eat - as well as celebrating with everyone. It always makes for a good party! Plus my dad's parents are in town, my Aunt Sharon & Uncle Bob came. As well as my Aunt Lori and her son Cody came with his wife Kim & kiddos. Its so great to reconnect and laugh. Love my Snow family!!!

#240's - The who's who of the birthday extravaganza!!

My dad - his birthday is on August 31st and he chose an ice cream cake,
pralines & cream ice cream with white cake

My nephew Dallin - his birthday is also on August 31st (the big 10!) and he chose Dunford donuts from Costco. This was my favorite cake of the night!

My bro-in-law Kelly - his birthday was on August 25th and he chose the classic carrot cake

And Kelly's wife, my sister Andee's birthday is on September 5th - she chose my dad's famous Almond Poppyseed cake. (Which is a family favorite...too bad I'm not a fan)

See, so many desserts and people to celebrate! Love you guys and I hope you all had/have a wonderful birthday!

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