We all have vices, am I right? My vice is 'smut' magazines. Now don't get your panties in a bunch, not the real 'smut' magazines that are XXX-rated, but the silly celebrity gossip magazine. They are just as ridiculous and trashy as those other adult magazines but for some reason I'm hooked. My favorites are People & US Weekly. They hit newsstands and magazine racks every Thursday morning and make for great weekend reading when I'm chilling at home, lying in bed at night or enjoying the fresh air outside. I'm not a huge fan of reality TV, EXTRA or E! News, but a little gossip & drama never hurt.

There are plenty of other magazines I could be buying that are along the same lines. Life & Style, Star, In Touch and OK magazines, but I trust People & US Weekly to be more closely accurate to the truth. Why that matters I don't know. US Weekly has a section that is called "Stars are just like us" and it shows pictures of the celebs grocery shopping, feeding their meter, lubing up on sunscreen or shoving their face with french fries. Its an absurd section, because of course stars are like us. They are human after all. Plus they have a section called "25 things you didn't know about me." This section I couldn't care less about. Do I really need to know 25 random things about Joe Jonas?...um no. But the rest of the magazine is pretty cool. Lots of juicy pictures of stars living their normal lives & some feel good stories about average people going out of their way to help their community. I especially love the crossword puzzle in People. Now that is entertainment for me - and I'm really good at it!

So yes I'm a sucker for these ridiculous, smut magazines. Its fun to look at the pictures and read the occasional life changing story. I will forever be a loyal reader of People & US Weekly magazine. . . I should maybe think about getting a subscription. Probably be cheaper...

#236 - The silly VICE I will actually admit too.

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