My car is in the shop. Has been since Monday. I don't know if ya'll remember from a previous post, but my grandpa accidentally backed into our front passenger side door when we were down in Southern Utah last month. Luckily he didn't hit it that hard and it only impacted the door, nothing else. My grandpa's insurance company has been awesome and after assessing the damages & getting quotes from auto body shops, they are going to cover it 100% with no issues. They even offered a rental car, but that would just be silly. Why get a free rental car when you could drive around in this?...

My #229 - The beast. Joe's 1987 Chevy. Its huge, loud and very, very bumpy! I had to drive it ALL over town today and I think I have whip lash. You definitely feel EVERY bump...even the smallest ones.


  1. What an awesome truck!! But it's never fun to have a car in the shop. Hey, it could be worse. My parents made me drive the pink van (remember that one?) to HIGH SCHOOL a few times when they were out of town. I thought I was going to DIE!!!

  2. That truck is so cool. My husband would steal that truck in a heartbeat...and we'd fight over who got to drive it!! Hope the car gets fixed fast!