I really wish there was a picture opportunity today that would describe what a LAZY day it has been. Both Joe and I have been overwhelmed with activities and early mornings this past week, so sleeping in today was on our "to-do" list. Even 'waking up' didn't kick our butts into gear. We stayed in our PJ's until 3 o'clock this afternoon!!!

We cleaned our house a bit, watched a lot of recorded shark week, Joe took a 3 hour nap and I shaved my legs. That's was the extent of our afternoon. We did finally have to get ready for a dinner we had with my family at 5pm, so doing ABSOLUTELY nothing wasn't possible...but close.

My youngest sister Jessica has a birthday this week (Aug 11th) so the family got together tonight in celebration. Happy Birthday Jessica!! She'll be 20 - no longer a teenager! Oh Jess...its all downhill from there! LOL.  We had a great dinner & visit with the family, then came home to cleaning a bit more, setting up our Fantasy Football league, Joe playing his computer game and me talking on the phone with my sister Kalie for an hour! What a wonderful Sunday this turned out to be!!!!

#218 - The BIG event for today. Happy 20th Birthday Jessica!! We love you!!

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