Tonight was a wonderful night. We got to have dinner with 2 of my favorite friends, Paul & Lynda Lopez!!! It was a dinner that was much overdue. Unfortunately I only get to see Lynda & Paul when they come into the salon to have their hair done. And of course while they are there, I'm the one cutting their hair, so our visiting time is very limited. We have been talking about getting together for dinner for FOREVER!!! Well tonight it finally happened!!!

We've had it planned for a whole week and we stuck to it! No canceling, switching days or maneuvering schedules. I'm so proud of us!

Thank you LynDiva & Pablo for such a wonderful evening! (In fact its 11:20pm and they are still hanging out with us watching silly videos and laughing hysterically!! Good times!!!)

#230 - Finally dinner with LyLo & PLo

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